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Chairman’s Message

Shima International takes pride in being the leading vendor of outsourced manpower and Wants to humbly thank all its national and international associates and clients. Who trusted us enough make this possible.

Having been in  the industry for over 15 years. We envision global prosperity as well as mutual welfare of both skilled Sri Lankan manpower and overseas business deprived of such talent. Sri Lankan professionals are the most pursued in many sectors in middle East. Sri Lankans are by nature intelligent, industrious, hard – working and most importantly fast learners. Living in a multi – ethnic and multi – religious environment makes it easy for them to adapt to any overseas work environment where multi – national Workforce is most prevalent.

So, if intelligent, hard – working, adaptable, responsible, sincere and loyal workforce is what you are looking for. We shima International services, being in the sourcing field for over two decades are at your service in solving your sourcing needs at short notice. We are confident of fulfilling every aspects of your manpower need, to your immense satisfaction.

We hereby propose to enter in to a strategic alliance with your organization, to provide the most efficient, economic and responsible manpower from Sri Lanka. Whether it is for recruitment of technical staff, or non – technical, we can counted upon. For more information feel free to reach us via email at

Best Regards

Mohideen S.A.