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Corporate Structure

Shima international understands that efficiency is not achievable unless the corporate structure is well designed the functions are well organized therefore our operation are executed through a vast national network of industry experts running specialized departments, equipped with state of the – art facilities

Our domestic network extends throughout the country to tap the best of specialized  srilankan manpower  which may be under or ill utilized due to the dearth of exposure  or opportunities, our aim of matching the skill set with the employer’s needs is ideally delivered if the mutual benefit is given priority which is exactly what our network provides

The most developed operating system  and technologies are exploited to extract the maximum worth of the network to ensure that we do not fall short of our client’s expectation in any manner  a highly qualified dependable and equipped client support system is maintained to provide for timely response to any and every query or requirement our client and potential clients may have we reparticularly renowned for our quick response time  thanks to our client support team which realizes that time is among the most precious resources

These are the teams that execute the actual recruitment process while other departments within shima international like the office administration finance and corporate communication coordinate general management of the company